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Pet Hotel @ The DSPCA

Dog & Cat Hotel @ The DSPCA

The perfect holiday destination for your pet

No-one can replace you in your pet’s life, but there are times when a really good pet boarding facility is the next best thing.

You and your pets will feel safe boarding at  the DSPCA — we provide the highest quality, fully secure environment for your cat or dog who will be cared for by true animal lovers with a Vet on-call 7 days a week and a caretaker on site 24/7.

Common reasons for boarding your pet:
• Going on holidays
• Travelling for work
• Having a party in your home
• Moving house
• Have guests staying at your home that allergic to your pet
• Getting home improvements done
• You are in hospital or you are recovering from illness

The construction of our kennels and cat suites also means your pet can’t see their neighbours so you don’t have to worry about your pet getting intimidated or stressed by their neighbours

Our facility consists of three buildings in close proximity to each other which are connected by a series of walkways but far enough away from each other to limit stress.

What is included in our daily boarding rates?

  • Premium, secure and hygienic Accommodation
  • Individual Heating & Ventilation
  • Hygienic & comfy Beds with vet approved Bedding
  • Food and Water Bowls
  • Toys & Other Activities
  • Litter Trays & Litter
  • Regular daily Exercise for your dogs
  • Playtime
  • Visible Health Conditions Monitoring
  • General Medication Administration

and lots of Cuddles and TLC to ensure that your pet loves their stay with us, are included in our daily rates.

We track all records of you and your pets in our computerized system including information from each stay so all staff will be easily and quickly able to find you and your pets information once booking is confirmed.

Our dog hotel consists of 52 suites, our cat hotel has 18 suites. Our dog hotel is extremely popular and we recommend booking a minimum of three months before your departure date. For peak periods please book as far in advance as possible. If all our suites are fully booked , we can offer, for short term stays, a dog crate to house your dog during its stay. This facility is restricted to dogs that are crate trained . You can bring in your own crate or we can supply you with a crate without additional charge.  All DSPCA supplied crates are 107 X 77 X 84 CM (Extra Large).  Dogs that stay with us in crates have a minimum of four 20 minute on lead walks per day.

All owners who wish to avail of our crate facility will need to sign our crate agreement – see here: DSPCA Pet Hotel Crate Disclaimer


Dogs Boarding Rates

Accommodation (charged per day) – Check in: 11am – Check out by 10am (outsite of these hours will be charged extra)

• 1 dog in standard size dog suite: Supporter price: €22 per day – Normal price: €25 per day
• 2 dogs sharing a dog suite: Supporter price: €39 per day – Normal price: €44 per day
• 3 dogs sharing a dog suite: Supporter price: €50 per day – Normal price: €60 per day
• 4 small dogs sharing a dog suite: Supporter price: € 60 per day – Normal price: € 72 per day

Peek rates – June, July, August & December 22nd to 2nd January

1 dog in standard size dog suite: Supporter price: €24 per day – Normal price: €27 per day
1 dog in double size dog suite: Supporter price: €30 per day – Normal Price €33 per day
2 dogs sharing a dog suite: Supporter price: €42 per day – Normal price: €48 per day
3 dogs sharing a dog suite: Supporter price: €50 per day – Normal price: €60 per day
4 small dogs sharing a dog suite: Supporter price: € 60 per day – Normal price: € 72 per day

Cats Boarding Rates

• 1 cat: Supporter price: €15 per day – Normal price: €17
• 2 cats sharing: Supporter price: €25 per day – Normal price: €30
• 3 cats sharing: Supporter price: €37 per day – Normal price: €44
• 4 cats sharing: Supporter price: €47 per day – Normal price: €56


A non-refundable deposit of €40 for Dogs and €30 for Cats is required to hold your booking.  This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Deposits may be transferred to a future booking at the management’s discretion if cancellations are made with more than 14 days notice.

For peak season bookings (June 1st to August 31st and December 22nd to January 2nd ), deposits for these periods are 50% of the booking cost.

Payment for the full boarding term is required on the day of drop-off of your pet.

As of December 1st 2016, all peak period bookings must be paid in full 21 days before arrival.

Check in & Departure

Reception is open Monday – Saturday for arrival & departures

Check in is from 11am – 1pm or 2pm-3pm

You can avail of an Early Check in for €10 from 9am-11am

Departure is by 10am – after 10am will incur an additional day charge

Latest departure is by 4.30pm

Pets will not be released without full payment received. 

Pets will not be released to any person who is not named on the account.

Hotel Peak Period’s


Summer: 1st June to 31st August

Christmas: 22nd December to 2nd January


26th March to 9th April

1st June to 1st September

22nd October to 5th November

20th December to 3rd January

All full payments for peak periods must be made 21 day’s before check in 

The Pet’s own food must be supplied. Food should be both bagged and labelled in daily portions, or the appropriately-sized scoop included in containers. If special diets are required, they should be supplied along with any specific feeding instructions. We do not offer discounted rates if own food is supplied. If your Pet’s food has been forgotten, dry food can be purchased from our shop.


No cat or dog will be allowed to board at the DSPCA Pet Boarding without all their yearly vaccinations, including kennel cough for dogs, being fully completed and up to date.  Vaccinations must be fully completed at least 14 days prior to their arrival to us. (This is for all cases first time vaccinations and renewals)

We require veterinary proof of vaccinations so please do not forget to bring your veterinary vaccination card with you to avoid refusal.

Please download & complete the following forms:

DSPCA Pet Boarding & Day care agrement

DublinSPCACatHealth&BehaviourQuestionnaire2 (1)


Contact us:

Call us on 01-4994790/5

email: petboarding@dspca.ie

No bookings will be made via email. Please call us as we require a booking deposit before any booking will be made