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Train with Kindness Methods

Train with Kindness Dog-l

Our methods are based on positive reinforcement training only!

Positive reinforcement does not use pain, punishment, intimidation, yelling, degradation, humiliation, shame, guilt or other things that can hurt your dog, their self-esteem, emotional growth, wellbeing or their relationship with you.

Kingofpaws focuses on teaching your dog by rewarding appropriate behaviour, instead of just correcting mistakes. Food and toys rewards, paired with praise are used during the learning process and the food reward is slowly phased out as the behaviour becomes more reliable.

Once the dog has learned the basic commands, we maintain the behaviour with praise, toys and occasional food rewards.

Why Treats and toys are important in Training?

Dogs are just like kids and every other living creature – they act in order to get something they like or to avoid something they don’t like. Most humans do not work for free and neither do our dogs.

Food is used as part of the learning process in order to present a new behaviour, and then to reward for performing the behaviours correctly. Once a new behaviour is learned, and the dog is repeating it, we will teach you how to pair the food reward with praise (level 1) and then “fade” the food reward (level 2), so you are relying less on treats and more on praise.

Treats will still be used occasionally, but you and your dog will not only rely on them!

Dogs and Food Motivation

Experience has taught us that most dogs will work for especially tasty food rewards, although dogs who are not hungry, are very stressed or have a medical problem may be less receptive to food. Keep in mind that any reward you choose must be interesting enough to your dog to compete with distractions in the environment. This means that your dog may need tastier treats to focus at class or during private training than the treats you use for training in the living room. If your dog truly is not food-motivated or has dietary restrictions, we will use other rewards including toys, praise, petting, and life rewards to motivate your pup.

Training based upon physical punishment or fear is NEVER an option at Kingofpaws. Train with kindness method give you other options to successfully train your dog without the use of devices such as choke collars,prong collars or electric collars.